Fuel Fund

HB Fuel fund began in 2010 as a way to help community members who are struggling with their fuel bills to keep warm during the winter.

We believe that no one in this community should be cold and with the help of the local fuel companies the Fuel Fund provides a financial resource to help people. The donated HB Funds are given to the fuel companies who then decide which customers are in need of assistance with their fuel bills. The monies are given in $200 increments and are spread around to several different fuel companies such as Down East Fuel, Branch Brook Fuel, Beaupre Gas and Cash Fuel Company. These are the fuel companies that receive the monies and we are open to providing the funds to other companies as well.

The criteria for receiving the funds are:

  • Must live in the Kennebunks (including Arundel)
  • Can not be using any other fuel assistance programs

This is an anonymous program in that we do not need to know who is receiving the funds and the recipients are told it is from the HB Fuel Fund with no strings attached.

100% of the donated monies goes to the Fuel Fund, there are no administrative costs taken out.

We have two jars at the cash register where we ask folks to donate their spare change for this important cause. We add to the fund to round up when there is enough to take to the fuel companies. So between all the community members and HB we are able to help folks in the Kennebunks stay warm.

We would love your donation so you too can help our community members stay warm this winter.